This contract was made, with the principal of mutual benefit and good faith, in accordance with the ¡°Contract Law of the PRC¡± and related law, regulation and/or interpretations, by and between the entrusting party and trustee, subject to the services that provided hereunder.

¢ñ, Scope of services,Service Items and Contract Value

the total amount of this service contract is £¤________ (RMB _______ only), this amount is all-in prince and shall include but not limited service fees,labor cost, taxes and other expenses.

¢ò, the obligations of the parties

Entrusting Party¡¯s obligation:

Must be legal citizens, have been legally registered in the auction companies.Provide legal auction cards and passport information.

The Trustee's Obligations:

To help successfully bid plate number on the net,for any information provided only as the use of this auction, can not be used for any other purposes, After the end of the competition to return all documents.If it fails to win the bid for any reason this month, The trustee party will not charge any fees.

¢ó,Dispute resolution

In the event of any disputes arise by this contract; such dispute shall be resolved through friendly negotiation; if failure to make the consensus of the parties through negotiation, either party may bring such dispute to the people¡¯s court where the entrusting party located.

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